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By Greg Hartley


Champ Car(April 15, 2007) - Whiners aside, Champ Car hit another home-run last weekend in Long Beach and should come as no surprise to anyone who has attended the previous Long Beach Grand Prix’s. The LBGP staff did an extraordinary job putting together a world class event in which most, if not all other races, pale in comparison. The price of admission on Friday was a miniscule 99 cents allowing for fans of all ages to attend. There was an overflow of exhibit booths to visit, as well as a real helicopter for all to sit in. There were plenty of incredible deals on everything from SpeedGear (shock) to racing schools and if you saw fit you could even enlist in the U. S. Marines!

Not to be outdone was the action on the track, from the Toyota celebrity race to the stars of the show, the mighty Sebastien BourdaisChamp Car World Series. The highs and lows of the sport were on display this weekend from the return of the Champion in the form of Sebastien Bourdais who was a circus sideshow all his own at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, to the unfortunate loss (for a couple races anyway) of stand out star Paul Tracy. Who no matter what the man does, win or wreck trying, everyone is talking about his exploits. Don't count P.T. out for long; it’s not in his nature to be out of a Champ Car.

The stand out story for the weekend is without a doubt the ever humble Oriol Servia, who came in once again at the last minute, and excelled Paul Tracy Champ Cardoing what he does best by racing onto the podium. Maybe his only downfall is he is a little too humble, a little off the buzz. If he picks up Mario Dominguez’s ride, which I am sure that he will, this could be the year we see a different Servia ala P.T.! Teaming with Seabass while subbing for the injured Bruno Junqueira in 2005 did little to change his image. Hopefully teaming up with P.T. and having success which he is capable of, he will come out of his shell, get aggressive; say what he thinks, walk with a bigger hammer. Who knows, maybe he will even grow a chrome horn.


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